Graphic Design

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Comics and Cartoons —

Sweet Henry, hand drawn and digitally colored, part one of two

Sometimes I feel JUST OK, hand drawn and digitally colored

Selected Cartoons from the Michigan Daily

Painting, Drawing, and Printmaking —

London Flowers, gouache on paper, 7”x7”

Family Womb, acrylic on paper, 12”x18”

Shoppers, gouache on acetate and ink on paper, 12”x8”

Museum, marker on paper, 22”x18”
TSA Line, marker on paper, 22”x18”

Creature 1, lithograph , 16”x12”
Creature 2, lithograph , 12”x16”

Monoprint collage, 16”x12”
Monoprint collage, 12”x16”

April Dusk in Michigan, woodblock print, 8”x10”